The Importance of Winterizing Natural Hair.

  Guest Blogger Edition: Chastity Williams

 Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but natural hair is sooooo delightful. LOL @ my play on words. But, don't you agree that natural hair is awesome? I do! Which is why I would like to share tips and tricks for winterizing your natural hair in cold winter months.

   First off, lets start by moisturizing, moisturizing, moisturizing. Moisture
is vital key to promoting hair growth and retaining length. This should be
the ultimate goal in winter months, because the brutal cold just like heat
in summer months, can dry the hair out. So moisturize that hair and be sure
to seal the ends before styling. Sealing is done with an oil. Examples of
great sealants: Olive, Jojoba, Grapeseed,Canola, Sweet Almond oil, etc.

   Next, the hair needs to be styled into a protective style. Protective
styling means just what it says . It protects the hair from breakage,
shedding. Any means you use to keep the ends from being exposed to the
elements is A Protective Style! Some popular protective styles are: Buns,
weaves, braids, twists.

   And then to make sure your strands are 100% covered when heading outdoors,
opt for headgear. Headgear includes decorative headscarves, wraps, and or hats.
 Be careful as to not wear a hat or scarf on the head that has fibers known to rip your
hair. The fibers in hat and scarves are worn directly on the hair therefore
causing friction. Find hats with silk linings or wear one atop of a silk or
satin scarf. No one will EVER know.

   And lastly, try more co-washings and pre-poos if you have the urgency to
wash. Conditioners do what they claim, and re-condition the hair after it
has been stripped by shampoos. Hope these tips work for you!

Hello, my name is Chastity Williams. I Blog, I vlog, I set my mind free by writing. Writing has always been my passion, and I aspire to become an authoress one day. I am a loving mother, friend, natural,and I adore ChiChiSophistication just as much as you do! You may find that from time to time I drop in with my thoughts or two cents on this Blog. I write as a guest blogger, and am very proud. I hope you find my work to be newsworthy, entertaining, and Fun.
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