Google Friend Connect Leaving Us FOREVER!

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye......To My Homie!

Hello Everyone!

I am sadly informing you today that in March 2012, Google is getting rid of Google Friend Connect which will result in many bloggers losing all of their followers. BUMMER!

 What I love most about Google Friend Connect is that it's an easy way for supporters to follow their favorite blogs. After all the hard work I personally put into building my blog and growing my target audience, I am sad to see it go for good. Below are 3 articles explaining the changes that will be happening with Google.. I hope the information is of great help to you.

*Read the full article here:
 *Create a Google + Page
*Link Your Google Plus Page to your blog

Share your thoughts. How do you feel about losing Google Friend Connect? What Plan of action are you going to make towards keeping your supporters informed? Keep in mind, not everyone has a Facebook page.

P.S. Here is a song dedication to Google Friend Connect. "LINK"..... Seriously, I am moved to tears. Just Kidding. But seriously ;-)

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