Chi Chi Sophistication Highlights of 2011

Reflections Of The Year Of New Beginnings!

I began 2011 with a positive attitude. The clutter was cleaned before entering this year and I was delighted to have been able to view life with a clean sleight. Unsure of what avenues to take or where the money was going to come from, all I knew at the time was that I needed to go to Hair School. I needed to finish school. An Education I knew for sure was my main ticket to evolve the trance I was living in and make my dreams a reality.

Below is the video I shot of myself on January 1, 2011, right after 12:00am. 2011 Theme I declared to myself was "The Year Of New Beginnings!"

During 2011, many great things happened for me. Although I didn't know what I was doing at the time, I began making Youtube video's documenting different hair events I would attend alone. I was comfortable being alone because I didn't have to explain to anyone this crazy thing I was doing. At the time I though I was creating video's for my viewers. To my surprise now that I look back, was form of networking.

The first event video I created was in late 2010. I discussed my attendance of the Nappy'Oke' Natural Hair Event. In the comment section of that particular video, I met Mrs. Laquita Thomas-Banks, creator of Bobeam Natural Hair Products. We chatted back and forth online and she sent my video to the founder of Nappy'Oke, Mrs. Tempie Satcher. I met Mrs. Tempie at the Natural Hair Awareness Month Event Host by Mrs. Angie Lewis in February 2011. While attending that event, I was introduced to Mrs. Jamesha Bazemore & Mrs. Marci Walker. That event paved the way for a spectacular year!

These women took me under their wings from the beginning. They began to show me the ropes of this amazing beauty industry. They told me what steps to take and I obeyed their every word. Now many of you maybe saying to yourselves, "How can a grown woman allow another woman to tell her what to do?".... Trust me, that was the furthest thing from my mind. If I would have adopted that poor attitude, I wouldn't have been able to enjoy any of the blessings God had allowed me to be able to accomplished without allowing these women to teach me. Til this day I am still allowing these women to teach me. They inspire me.  Hair-styling is not a hobby for me, It is apart of my body. When I nurture myself, I nurture my profession. It's who I am. To deny my passion is to deny myself.

My accomplishments of 2011

January 2011-
*I landed a very big interview with DaKiya Lambert, CEO of Dance Dimension.
*I also featured a Spotlight Interview with The Society for Girls Non-Profit Organization geared towards helping teenage girls transition from being a child to becoming a mature young woman.

February 2011-
*I attended Natural Hair Awareness Month Networking Event host by Mrs. Angie Lewis, which was a wonderful Networking Event. I met a lot of wonderful entrepreneurs. I was allowed to speak briefly about my blog Chi Chi Sophistication.
*I attended the Mommy & Me Styling Class host by Mrs. Marci Walker. While attending this event, I learned how to properly take care of Locs. Domestic Violence topics were also an eye opener for me while attending this event.
*I won my very first Hair Contest on Our Natural Kids Online Community.

March 2011-
*I attended the Natural Hair Meet-Up host by Natural Chica. That event really inspired me because that was my very first time meeting someone I would call a "Youtube Celebrity". I really had a great time. She gave me some really great tips as it relates to hair & how to run a successful blog.
*I first featured my poem, "When Your Insecurity Speaks," to the world.

April 2011-
*I participated in the 6th Annual D.C. Love Locs Natural Hair Expo. I created the KeeKee's Kids Korner for this event. The parents were able to attend workshops while I entertained the children.
*My very first collaboration with Mrs. Jamesha Bazemore for the Children's Hair Show called Sweet Petites. This was my very first hair show. I was so excited.

May 2011-
*My very first Live Youstream video interview with Mrs. Chambliss, host of the Red Chamber Room. She interviewed me about my love for Natural Hair.
*I featured my second poem, "Naturally Free.' A personal poem of Liberation as a Black Woman excepting freedom in being Natural.

June 2011-
*I became the Social Information Contributor of Our Natural Kids Online Natural Hair Community for Families. I was excited about this position because I am able to share positive messages with other moms and encourage them to enjoy learning how to care for African American Hair, while doing what I love to do....WRITING!
*I had my very first Professional Photo Shoot featuring my Natural Hairstyles for Children. I was so proud of myself. It was all about my hair-styling ability. A huge milestone for me.
*Be' & I met Nikki & Baby O of Intermittan Babblings for the first time. I am so glad to have met Nikki. She is my sister from another mother. ;-)
*I attended Tempie Satcher's Book Signing & was able to blog/video record for that event.
*My very first time attending the Anacostia Art Gallery. Enriched with African Artistry. I was inspired to draw & write about Life as an African American.

July 2011-
* My Poem "When Your Insecurity Speaks," was featured on
*I was blessed with a $1000 investment into my business by my cousin Nakisha, I am so grateful to her. Love her ;-)
*I attended/Completed Madam Walker's Braidery & Schools. I became a certified stylist.
*I attended The Sanata Magazine Photo Shoot. This was my very first time seeing a real, high end photo shoot. During this shoot, I was a back ground helper for Mrs. Marci & Shanti Walker. This shoot inspired me and opened my eyes to so many things. This experience was by far the best thing I have ever been exposed too. I was extremely grateful for the experience.
*Jamesha invited me to become an admin on her wonderful Facebook Community Natural Hair Care for Children.
*I met Au Naturale by Mz. Sixx via Facebook. Networking is so fun ;-)

August 2011-
*Host my very first Natural Hair Meet Up, a collaboration with Au Natural by Mz Sixx which created a wonderful friendship.
* I taught my very first one on one Cornrow Class at the Hyattsville Library.  I know you all are sick of me saying this but it really was awesome. I felt important. Like I was doing a great service. At the end of the class, I was filled with pride when the mother, who had no clue as to how to Cornrow, learned how to cornrow with confidence. Words cannot express my excitement.

September 2011-  
*Participated in the 1st Annual Pamper Me Day Host by I'm Every Woman & Every Woman is Me, community outreach event. I was able to provide free hair care services to the children of the Valley Place Family Transitional Home.. It was really fun to collaborate with other businesses and meet new people. I had a whole lot of fun servicing the families.
*I attended Naturally Knowing You Hair Care Class taught by Mrs. Jamesha Bazemore & Angie Lewis. I learned how to mix Natural Hair Products & learned what products were best to promote healthy hair & hair growth. I also learned how to style by Angela Lewis. Very fun class.
*I attended Glenn Jackson Show Biz Kidz of the DMV Event thanks to Mrs. Marci Walker. I was totally inspired and honored o have been able to attend.
*I styled my clients hair for the Glenn Jackson Show (Disclaimer: I did not work for this show)
*I attended the Self Image Awards for the first time. Jamesha styled my hair & I was her hair model for that event. Mrs. Walker/Shanti allowed me to work behind the scenes as a personal assistant which was really cool.
*My peom "When Your Insecurity Speaks" was featured in the S.E.L.F. Image awards silvernear booklet.

October 2011-
*I participated in Natural is not a FAD! Host by Pam Jenkens CEO of Koils by Nature. I was on the panel along with Jamesha Bazemore, Cassidy Blackwell, & Mushiya owner of the DAMN Salon. I was able to speak & educate on my love for Natural Hair Care & Braiding for Children. I really had a wonderful time.

November 2011-
*I participated in the 4th Annual SANATA Magazine IV Premier. I had 8 children hair models for that event.  I styled the children hair & they represented Chi Chi Sophistication Children Salon Services.This was a proud moment for me because I was able to promote my work by myself.
*I became a member as well as Local Coordinator of E-Braiding Organization.

December 2011-
*God blessed me with an increase in clients through Facebook & a clear direction as to where I want to take my career.

2012 Yearly Theme is PROVE YOURSELF!

There are many plans I've written down to prepare for 2012. God willing, my main plan is to become not only a better person, wife, mother, writer but I also plan to become a better hairstylist. I plan to challenge myself & push myself further than I have ever pushed myself. My ultimate dream is to one day open my own hair salon with the words Chi Chi Sophistication written atop the outside of the building. That's it! I know in order to have my own building one day I have to become a great stylist and learn the ends and outs about business. I am on the road to fulfill my dream. It will not happen over night, but I am geared up to ride this train until the wheels & the motor falls off. I have hopes that this year will be another great year. The Best Is Yet To COME! Stay Tuned. #Grateful ;-)

I will like to thank my family for loving me and supporting me. For believing in me. You all knew how bad I wanted this career. You all have seen my highs & lows as I struggle to do what was best for me as a person. I thank my husband for being supportive as I stayed up late at night researching my craft, driving me all around town, allowing me to attend events ALL DAY long while he take care of our children. I am so grateful for a wonderful support system. I couldn't have done it without my family.

I will like to thank (In no particular order) Mrs. Walker, Tempie, Shanti, Jamesha, Mz. SIxx, Laquita, & TheSistahChick, for their love, teachings & support. I couldn't have done it without them. They are the reason why I am maturing. Thank you being my FRIENDS!

I will also like to thank my clients. YOU GUYS ROCK! I am so grateful to every parent who trust me to properly care for their child's hair. Thank you for participating in the hair shows on the behave of my business. Thank you for your many gifts, words of wisdom & making my business environment a happy environment. I can't be a stylist without you. Thanks for coming back again & again. I really appreciate your business & friendships. We are a FAMILY!

I will like to thank my Blog Family for being my friends in 2011. If there was ever a time I was confused, excited about something great happening in my life, or just exploring the possibilities of a matter, YOU ALL WERE HERE FOR ME! Your encouraging words throughout this year has been the fire I needed to keep moving forward. Even your constructive criticism was the fuel I needed to become a better person. I appreciate you. There were periods of time through out this year that you all were the only people I would talk too about my dreams and goals because you were the only people I knew for sure understood me. I thank you for everything. I sincerely love you guys. I pray that you all have a happy, safe and blessed New Year. Until we meet again in 2012. Peace & Blessing.


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