Hot Holiday Toys List!

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Can you believe that Christmas is literally 2 days away? Don't worry, you still have time for some last minute shopping. Out of all the items my Husband & I decided to buy for our children this season, the items below just so happen to be on the Hot Holiday Toys List. I asked a K-Mart & Target Sales Representative, (when I was out shopping) "What are the best toys to buy this Holiday season?" Both Reps informed me that all of the items I have listed below are in fact on the list. Of course, these are not the only Holiday toys on this infamous Holiday List.They are only the items we purchased. Every toy caters to children ages 3-10. I hope my post is of a help to you. Feel Free to share your thoughts & your own Hot Holiday Toy items you've purchased this year. Enjoy, Peace & Love.

All of you who were born in the 80's should remember Alphie.
I am glad to see him back. Alphie is an appropriate purchase for
 a child age 3+. If you're teaching your child his/her Alphabets,
Shapes, Colors and more, Alphie is the toy for your child.
I purchased Alphie for $34.99 at K-Mart.
Dora & Diego Talking Backpacks were also on the list.
They both are $19.99 a piece at K-Mart. Let me add that these items 
may also be sold at Target & Wal-Mart.
Dora Talking Backpack.
Tony Hawk was an item I looked everywhere for. It was sold out!
I happened to luck up on this game when I was shopping at Target. 
I saw it hiding behind the Portable DVD Players. I snatched it up with 
great joy & excitement. lol. This game cost me $79.99.
Kirby's Epic Yarn & Donkey Kong Country Returns are both
on the same level as The Super Mario Brothers Game Series.
I was shocked to find them still on the shelves at my local Target
Considering they were nowhere to be found in other stores I visited..
 Both Games are $49.99 a piece.
Besides Barbie & her many Dream Houses, This Fisher Price
Loving Family Doll House is a hot item. It is age appropriate
for little girls ages 3+. You will not have to worry about the child
choking on any small pieces because there are none. Doll House cost
me $59.99 at K-Mart. 

If you have children who are not yet ready for an Ipod or Iphone,
MP3 Players may be your best purchase. They range from $17.99-$80
 dollars. They one on the left side of this photo is $24.99 &
 the other one is $17.99. Purchased at K-Mart.
Drum Set is $24.99 at K-Mart.
We all know that anything related to Leap Frog is popular all year long.
Scribble & Write is $25.99 at K-Mart.
My Own Leaptop is $24.99 at K-Mart.
Learn & Groove is $11.99 at K-Mart.
Walky Talky's are $14.99 at Target.

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