Natural Hair Care: Knowledge Is Power!

When You Know Better, You Do Better.

   When I first started Chi Chi Sophistication Blog on July 29, 2010, The only thing I knew about Natural Hair Care was information I've read on blogs, forms, & my favorite source above all......YOUTUBE! I would research a hairstyle of choice, Google as much information I could about that particular style, and try to execute what I've learned. Most of the information I read varied from person to person. Even the terminologies from one hair style to the next were different. Which often left me confused. But did that stop me from sharing what I've learned.....NO! I to join the clam of spreading misinformation about Natural Hair Care.

   Once mastering the style of choice (so I thought), I would share it here on Chi Chi Sophistication Blog. I would share the information without really knowing/understanding what I've learned was right or wrong. I was very proud of my hair styling accomplishments.

   This past summer, many of you know I attended Madam Walker's Braidery and Schools. I learned a lot about Natural Hair Care, Braiding, & the proper terminologies of many different hairstyles. "You can't be a stylist if you don't know proper hair styling terminologies.", I was advised by talented celebrity stylist Shanti Walker. He was absolutely correct. Even on my last day of class, I was recommended to continue my education in Natural Hair Care, Locing & Braiding. He told me to read books as well as study my craft so I would become the best hairstylist I can be.

   "Natural Hair Care has absolutely nothing to do with hair products. But have everything to do with technique.", I've learned from Mrs. Jamesha Bazemore while attending one of her many Natural Hair Care Classes. Why spend a whole lot of money on so called "high quality" products like Carol's Daughter or Miss Jessie's, when it is cheaper to create your own? What are the proper techniques for Natural Hair? How about I show you what techniques not to use......

   Let's consider my post I created back in November 17, 2010. It was entitled, Dread Loc. The title of that particular post was wrong in and of itself. The terminology I used to address the beautifully organize tangles was wrong. The word Dread, comes from the word Dreadful....There is nothing Dreadful about Locs. Locs are beautiful. Even those that are free formed. To allow ones hair to create and take on a shape of it's own is beautiful......

  Another hair styling crime I committed, I started this young mans Locs wrong. Faraway, his Locs look good.  But let's examine my mistakes. Keep In mind at this point, everything I've learned about "Dread Locs," was from the World Wide Web.
  • The parting was wrong. There was no organization in his parts.
  • I used Dax Bees Wax to began his Locs. Dax Bees Wax is filled with petroleum jelly and mineral oils. This product is junk! It clogs pores and doesn't offer any nutritional value to the hair. Bee's Wax attracts lint among other particles, which isn't healthy and can appear dirty.
  • Needless to say, I JACKED THIS YOUNG MAN'S HAIR WAY UP! Thank goodness since this post, He has cut his Locs off and I was able (over this past summer) to start his Locs over the correct way.
This is not the correct way to start Locs. Click Link "Dread Locs"  to view photo's 
on how not to start Locs.

Here is what His Locs look like today. His hair is Latch Loc.  His Parting is in Brick Like Formation. Bobeam Natural Hair Products were used on his hair.

What is my point? It's very important to receive educated from a professional on how to properly care for Natural Hair. Make time to go to school, take a class, attend a workshop at a Natural Hair Event etc. Knowledge is POWER! Once you educate yourself, no one can take that information from you. No one can make you believe in the wrong information when you know the facts. I have decided to keep "Dread Locs" post up just as a documentation and testament to myself how much I have grown. When you know better, you do better. As always, share your thoughts.

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