Hairstyles For Kids: Cornrows Rolled into a Ponytail.

 Hairstyle Idea For Children Transitioning From Relaxed To Natural

Hello Everyone, 

   It Tuesday which is all about Hair Hair & More Hair! Today's featured hairstyle is Cornrows rolled up into a Ponytail. This is the perfect style for children transitioning from relaxed hair to natural. The ends are 100% protected which prevents breakage. Also, this style is perfect for children who adore Cornrows but isn't a fan of wearing beads. Most girls ages 8-12 think wearing Beads are for babies. 

   Thanks so much for visiting Chi Chi Sophistication Blog. Share your thoughts about today's post. Would you consider this styles for the colder months? 

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*Model, Chi Chi Sophistication Client who is transitioning from Relaxed to Natural 

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