From Teenage Lovers To Grown & Mature.

Many of you have heard this story 1001 times of how Bryan and I met at age 15 and how we've been lovers ever since. It took hard work, trust building and the realization that no one else will ever invest the time or patience it takes to keep us happy. We are not perfect, but I am very proud of our relationship.

When I think back on our youthful days, the first song that comes to mind is Chris Browns  "Young Love". It really tells the story of how we began as a couple. It tells the story of how young love is so fun & mushy. I can remember like it was yesterday how Bryan & I met at the swimming pool. He didn't know me at the time but decided to swim under me & pull my legs underneath the water. After a 5 second panic, I kicked him in the head & cursed him out.....I mean with vicious curse words

I also remember our very first kiss. I never kissed a boy before and was scared out of my mind. He was experienced in everything and I didn't want him to think I was lame. He asked me have I ever kissed a boy. I told him no. He thought I was lying. After we kissed, which tasted like my Salisbury Steak Dinner my Aunty cooked that night, he believed me. lol

The secret that has kept us strong over the years is that Bryan and I are really good friends. When our relationship is in a dry season, our joking & clowning on each other is whats kept  things going. Bryan always laugh at my ignorance. I am a huge joker. The things that come out of my mouth often surprise me and make me laugh.

Bryan really isn't a hard person to love. He isn't over baring or controlling. He's supportive of everything I do. He spoils me by allowing me to be free. Outside of God, Bryan is the only human being that I trust with my soul. I love him and am so happy that God allowed us to meet. I have never met a guy like Bryan and am sure I will never ever meet a guy like him. With all the many changes I have been through with my body weight & image over the years, he has never put me down, but ensured me that he loves me just the way I am....And while he can be a little boring & laid back at times, I too love him for who he is. I recognize that I will never love anyone the way I love Bryan. For this reason, I cherish our relationship. 

As for our children, I am happy to have experience the milestones of Motherhood with Bryan. Bryan is a great father to our kids. He was in the room for the birth of all of our children. He saw my fear of giving birth, he was my shoulder to cry on. He was there when the doctors told me that Twin B wasn't going to make it pass a few days after birth. He was there when our oldest son was sick in the hospital at age 3 with some unknown virus for 5 days. He was there when I had a c-section with my daughter, my first major surgery. He was there when my grandmother died.....Bryan has been here with me the whole time through everything I have ever gone through. The good, the bad, the ugly....HE HAS BEEN THERE FOR ME!

I will end this post by letting Bryan know, No matter what, I will always love you. You are the biggest gift God has ever given me.

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