Naturally Knowing You: Hair Braiding & Product Making Class.

Hello Everyone,
WOW! It's been a month and a half since I attended this class. I am so sorry for the delay. I've uploaded my pictures onto my Laptop during that time & days Laptop died....or so I thought. My husband checked it out & all it needed was a new battery. THANK GOODNESS! ~wiping sweat off forehead~


My husband is the absolute best! He drove 40 min. to Baltimore Maryland so I could attend Naturally Knowing You-Caring For Natural Hair Naturally: Hair Braiding & Product Making Class. The class was taught by Jamesha Bazemore & Mrs. Angie Lewis. Needless to say, it was worth the 40 min drive.

Many of you (who have been following my blog from the beginning) have never seen me mixing products nor have you ever seen me attempting to try. I've never really had a desire to mix because there are already so many wonderful product lines I can choose from. Plus, I am to lazy to mix. lol. To be perfectly honest, I've always thought the ingredients for mixing my own products would be extremely expensive. Boy was I shocked to find out I was wrong. After rereading the packet I received during class, I am now curious to try a few things on my own. But for now, let me share with you a few photo's I was able to capture while attending this class.

Imani Joi Naturals website.
Nikki's Blog: Intermittent Babbling.
Angie Lewis FaceBook.

Products I was able to mix & take home for my own personal use.

   There were many things I enjoyed while attending this class. I loved the one on one attention that was available from both instructors. I liked how Jamesha & Angie payed close attention to our questions. If we needed extra practice on a braid hairstyle or mixing a product, they took the time to show us the correct way. Most of all, I enjoyed watching Nikki actively participating in the class & learning how to become the best Mommy Stylist for her daughter. I am sure Nikki was intimidated in the begining being the only White woman in the class but like I always tell her, she is my sister from another mother (lol) & everyone else treated her as such....I always love attending events with Jamesha & Angie because of the atmosphere they create. For this reason, I will continue to support these ladies.

   I promise in the near feature, I will began to mix something. Even if it's only one product. I will document & review it here. As always share your thoughts. Your comments & feedback is always welcomed. Thanks so much for sharing in my experience. Have a wonderful day. Peace & Blessings

P.S. Stay tuned for my post that'll be posted here on Monday. I will be attending Glynn Jackson's event ShowBiz of the DMV KIDZ this Sunday. For More information click Glynn Jackson.

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