Glynn Jackson's ShowBiz Kids of the DMV (Review)

Glynn Jackson's ShowBiz Kids of the DMV Fashion, Hair & Talent Show

Awesome! What an understatement...It was AMAZING! I am absolutely grateful to have been blessed with the opportunity to have attended this event. Glynn Jackson is a genius! The way he was able to pull off such a show with a million and one children is beyond me. Well,  not a million and one but close to it. lol I will like to thank Mrs Marcy Walker for allowing me to represent her at this amazing show. I was truly inspired.

Here is the link (VIDEO) to bits and pieces of the show through my own eyes. I recorded what I could but this show alone has my creative juices flowing. It made me hungry to do more in the Children's Hair Industry.

Also check out Mr. Glynn Jackson website for more information Golden Scissors Awards 

I am in no way suggesting that I have connections with Mr. Jackson. I've attended his show and is sharing my point of view. I was not a member of any committee affiliated with Mr. Jackson. I'm sharing my experience of Showbiz Kidz of the DMV with my audience to keep them informed of events happening in our local community. I did not work behind the scenes while attending this event as a stylist.

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