Natural Style: Cornrows & Spring Twist for an Adult

   This delightful young lady is my client Steph. She's had her hair relaxed for many years. A few months ago, Steph had her first Big Chop. Her hair isn't even a year old yet & it is growing rapidly. Her hair is healthy, strong & flourishing nicely. She is now 100% All Natural. 

   One of the many things Steph enjoys about her hair is the length of time she is able to keep her Spring Twist in her hair, which is about a month with proper care. She loves the fact that she can just "GET UP & GO!" 

Cornrows & Spring Twist, no hair added.

Clip is from my local Beauty Supply Store.

    Thank you so much for reading. I really enjoy sharing bits & pieces of my life with you. Share your thoughts. What are some of your favorite Natural Hairstyles?

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