Internet Safety....Isn't Just for Kids!

Photo by Internet Safety for Seniors.
Hello Everyone & Good Morning!

  I have decided this morning to share with you tips on the importance of protecting yourself online. I hope each tip enlighten you to see the importance of playing it safe while interacting with others online.

Tip #1: Never Ever post your legal name or your child's name online. 
Stranger Danger isn't a venerability subject to children, but to adults as well. 

Tip#2: It is not necessary to post your city, state area code/zip code online. 
I know social networking sites encourage this process so you can find friends or connect with people from your area...even Blogger encourages us to upload our area code onto our profile, DON'T DO IT! Create a fake one if you have too but do not put sensitive information about yourself online.

Tip #3: If you are participating or hosting Giveaways, set up a P.O. Box. (Thanks Sixx for the tip) Never ever provide your home address. Prices for P.O.Boxes vary from state to state.

Tip #4: Always remember that whatever you type/write online can be held against you. 
Just like Text messages are valued in the Court of Law, so can email & or messages.

Tip #5: Whatever you post online can be restored. 
 Please make a mental note on this. Even if you delete a post, it can be restored. It may shock you but nothing dies in cyberspace.

Tip #6: When hosting Meet-Ups & Events, never ever attend those events alone. 
Most of these events are open to the public. All kinds of people show up at these events. Never travel alone.

Tip #7 Watch out for sites like &
 I am shocked at the FREE accurate information that these site provide as it relates to home address and all. These sites go as far as  showing pictures of your street and how to accurately get there. This is SCARY! 

   So please everyone, be safe online. Many of us Mommy Bloggers share a lot about our hopes, dreams, children, joys & sorrows. And although there maybe people who show us love & kindness online, the truth of the matter is that they are all still strangers. It is very important to choose safety above all. Take Care & Be SAFE! Now, Let's Get Back To Our Positive, Happy, & Regularly Scheduled Program! As always Peace & Many Blessings. ~KeeKee

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