I'm Finally Back On YOUTUBE!

   Hello Everyone, I am finally back on Youtube! (click link for latest video) I've abandon the site for a while due to my Laptop malfunctioning. Using the house computer really sucks...lol

   Anyway, I decided today to go check out my channel. It was in dying need of some house keeping. After deleting a few video's & re-watching some of my old ones, I came to the realization that my Youtube family haven't seen any of the pictures I've uploaded here on my blog.

   So, if you are not a follower of my Youtube Channel, come on by & check it out. My Youtube Channel is the twin sister of my blog. Both can't really work without the other which is why I should be ashamed of myself for allowing it to have become abandoned. Also, feel free to check out some of my older video's & share your thoughts. As always have a happy Saturday, Peace & many blessings.

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