Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque

Product Review.

   Sunday evenings are "Total Hair Care" days in my house. With Sunday being the beginning of the week, what better way to start the week off than with clean, well groomed hair.

   I decided to use Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque on Be's hair. This is my very first time using Shea Moisture Products. I received this product during a Product Swap at MzSixx and I Natural Girls Next Door Natural Hair Meet Up Event host last month. Here's how I used this product during Be's Sunday Hair Care Regimen.

After detangling,  I loosely braiding her hair to prepare it for washing. 

   I made the braids loose enough so her scale could be clean easily with the braids still in it. I saw this process while watching a video clip by All Naptural. This process is to help reduces the detangling process after hair washing.

As always, I used Bobeams Natural Hair Products Honey Shea Shampoo Bar to clean her hair.

Honey Shea Shampoo Bar outside the wrapping.

Washing Be's hair with the braids still in her hair.

Many people don't like lather in their shampoo, but I have to have it. It is my visual sign that cleaning is taking place.

Hair is all clean.

I applied Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque immediately after washing. Braids are still in her hair.

   I covered her hair with a grocery bag for 15 mins. After I rinsed the Deep Moisture Treatment out of her hair, I took her braids out. Her hair was soft, but fuzzy. However, I combed her hair and the detangling process was easy. I can see myself using the loose braid method to wash Be's hair in the near future.

   I moisturized her hair with our signature product, Bobeams Shea Moisturizer Cream. This product contains only 3 ingredients,  Shea Butter, Almond Oil & Cocoa Butter.

    As you can see in the collage photo, Be's shrinkage level is amazing! I love shrinkage because it is a versatile hair texture. I Cornrowed Be's hair because I wanted to see the real length of her hair.

 And now her hair is all done. Cornrows & Beads. My Sweetly Pie's hair looks fabulous! 

   I made the choice to use Clear Beads because she can wear these colors with any outfit without clashing with the colors in her clothes. Flower Beads....just to keep her hair style kid friendly.

Look how long her hair has grown! Keeping a consistent regimen has really paid off.

   The end result: I really enjoined using this product. I may not use it every Sunday, but I can see meself using it on her hair maybe once a month. Stay Tuned for my next Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque review on my hair. Thank you so much for reading our blog. Have a wonderful & happy day. Peace & Blessings.

P.S. What are some of your favorite product by Shea Moisture? Share your thoughts.

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