My Client Modeled in Glynn Jackson's ShowBiz Kids of the DMV. "Flat Twist & Spring Twist"

   Hello Everyone! I would like to congratulate my client "L" for her participation in Glynn Jackson's ShowBiz Kids of the DMV Model and Talent Show. She is only 3 years old & she ripped the runway! She is truly a star. Can't you tell by her Diva pose?...Beautiful!...In my Glynn Jackson's voice lol

   When "L" mother contacted me to be here child's stylist for this event,  Twist was her style of choice. She requested something cute & fun, yet age appropriate for a 3 year old child. After examining "L" hair & scalp during the consultation, her mother and I agreed that Flat Twist in the back, going up into a ponytail was the best option for her child. Like most 3 year old's, "L" hair is very new & delicate around her face. Here is the end result of her hairstyle for the show.

Flat Twist & Spring Twist

You can't tell this baby that she isn't 100%! You better WORK IT! lol

I totally wish "L" success in her young, professional career. It has truly been a blessing to service this young, beautiful child. May God Bless her with the desires of her sweet little heart.

* Internet Safety: Children featured here on Chi Chi Sophistication, legal names will not be disclosed to the public. I am in no way suggesting that I have connections with Mr. Jackson. I've attended his show and is sharing my point of view. I was not a member of any committee affiliated with Mr. Jackson. I'm sharing my experience of Showbiz Kidz of the DMV with my audience to keep them informed of events happening in our local community. I did not work behind the scenes while attending this event as a stylist. This post is to celebrate my client who participated in this event. 

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