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Hello Everyone!

   Let me just start by saying, I'VE MISSED YOU LIKE CRAZY! I haven't been able to really chat with you all as often as I would like to because I have been very busy trying to revamp myself professionally in the Hair Care Industry. I decided to attend Madam Walkers Braidery & Schools because the schools reputation is one of the best in the DMV Area. I had no choice but to become a believer. All of my peers have attended this school and are doing exceptionally well. Angela Lewis, Tempie Satcher, Jamesha Bazemore, are all former students of Madam Walkers Braidery & Schools. I don't have to say much about these ladies, their work is SPEAKING for itself! My name is now added to the many students who have successfully completed this course. I am so excited, as well as ready to see what God has in store for me...What will my life be like after attending this school? I'm not sure yet, but I know that my success will be forever credited to Mrs. Marci & Shanti Walker.

   Do I look confused in this picture? Shanti Walker allowed me to practice Loc Maintenance on one of his clients. I was afraid of messing up.

   Every time I look at this picture, I crack up laughing. It took me 10 mins. to learn how to Palm Roll correctly. It had gotten to the point where Shanti had to tell me to put my hands in pray position, say "Thank You Jesus" out loud & twist to the right. I'm not sure how many time I had to say "Thank You Jesus" as I Palm Rolled, but it worked! LOL

   Oh, & look at his client's face, it's priceless! It looks like she is saying to herself, "Lord, am I going to be here for 40 days & 40 nights?"....In the end, everything worked out for the good. Shanti's client is a brave woman. LOL

   Latch Locs have become one of my favorite Loc Maintenance methods to use. Once I understood the concept, it was easy to execute. In my opinion, it gives the Locs a more polish look.

   Meet Yolanda, my manikin. You'll be seeing a whole lot of her in the next few months. Perfecting my craft is a must!

   Shanti & Kesha (Owner of Orchid Blue Hair Salon, located in Philadelphia PA) preparing Marci Walker for the SANATA International Braiding & Natural Hair Care Magazine Volume IV, Photo Shoot.

   Mrs. Marci Walker & Ms. Nafy Diagne (Owner of Rally's Hair Braiding, Co Founder of Ebraiding, recipient 5 Golden Scissors Awards & Owner of Nafy Collection). The Photo Shoot took place in Ms. Nafy's Shop. Nafy & her employees greeted us with big smiles & the atmosphere was friendly as well as professional. I really enjoy the Photo Shoot.
n Scissors Awardsghly prestigious Golden Scissors Awards

 In this picture, Mrs. Walker & I are helping Shanti prepare for the SANATA Magazine Photo Shoot.

Kesha & Mrs. Walker.

Shanti's portion of the Photo Shoot is over, we are now chillin out.

Goofing off after the shoot. Canaan & Shanti.

I have never eaten, nor have I ever seen Fried Crabs before this day.....They were GOOD! lol

   Please stay tuned for the issue of SANATA International Braiding & Natural Hair Care Magazine Volume IV. It will be available in your local Beauty Supply Store November 2011. As always, SHARE YOUR THOUGHT! Thanks so much for reading. Have a Bless Day!

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