OMG! One of my poems will be featured tonight on EmotionalExhale.com. I am so excited! I know I say this a lot but I've been writing poems since I was 12 years old. I still have every single last poem I have ever created. My poems always comes from a personal place within my soul. I write about my joys, my sorrows, my hopes & dreams. I wrote poems for all of my children when they were born. This is something I did and I've never shared them with anyone because that is how secret they were to me. 

   My Mother is a poet. Here is a poem she wrote recently for my siblings and I. Feel free to share your thoughts:

By. Shirley Johnson

I have been truly blessed with 4 GIFTS which is a present to me everyday. And I stay at amazement at how GOD loved me so much to allow me to take care and raise 4 of HIS precious children. HE trusted me when I was afraid that I would fail as a mother. These little people look for me and looked at me with so much trust and love. I didn't want to fail them. They showed me how to stand whether I was right or wrong. They stood by me. Each one of them has this amazing GIFT: Keianna has the strength of a Lion but her heart is of a Teddy Bear. George a.k.a The Joker has a smile that makes you melt and still became a man even though being raised in the hood. Katrina, my business woman who takes the word "no" and turn it around to "one can't be stopped!" Stephanie, willing to go to unknown places and take it by storm. These are my GIFTS that I'm so proud to be the mother of. My 4 best friends. The word that explains them all is LOVE!

L= Keianna
O = George
V = Katrina
    E = Stephanie 

I thank GOD for this wonderful journey of motherhood and the journey we are about to embark on. 
© Shirley Johnson 2011

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