Cornrows, Spring Twist & Bantu Knots

Hello Ladies! I hope your weekend was a delight.

   Since attending braidery school at Madam Walkers, my creative juices have been bubbling over. I have been practicing what I've learned on my manikin & decided to come up with a style combination I have never seen before. Cornrows going up into a half a Mohawk, Spring Twist & Bantu Knots. I was really amazed at how cute this hairstyle combination turned out to be. It sometimes pays to think outside of the box!

My daughter Be'...I love to see how happy she is when she knows her hair looks good.  This is what Natural Hair Care is all about, rebuilding the self-esteem & self image in our African American children. 
Cornrows & Spring Twist.
Bantu Knots.
Do you notice while styling the Cornrows or Bantu Knots that her scalp doesn't look distressed?  There is no need to pull the child's hair out for the sake of looking good. Healthy Hair Care techniques are very important to promoting hair growth.

Feel Free to share your thoughts. Have you ever created a hairstyle combination you've never seen before?

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