Natural Hair Care for Children

 Natural Hair Care for Children is an online Facebook Community created by Mrs. Jamesha Bazemore (Natural Hair Educator/Hair Stylist/Advocate). Natural Hair Care for Children is a positive community where parents can share their photos, ideas and resources about natural hair care as well as learn hair care/hair styling tips from experts. Natural Hair Care for Children keep parents informed of the latest hair care terminologies so they are better equipped in managing their children hair at home.

Today I am excited to share with you something wonderful. I have officially joined the Administrated Team of Natural Hair Care for Children. Jamesha Bazemore has added me as Admin. I am happy about becoming Admin because I understand Jamesha's mission to support parents by promoting good healthy hair habits for African American Children. Come check out Natural Hair Care for Children and join our community.

References: Jamesha Bazemore: ImaniJoi Naturals, Our Natural Kids

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