Anacostia (BZB) Art Gallery & Boutique

   I've grew up East of the River, in Ward 8 Washington D.C.. In all my years living there, I've never heard of or even visited The Anacostia Art Gallery & Boutique. MY GOODNESS! It's truly a sight to see. If you are looking for an educational experience to share with your family on a weekend in the near future, please  consider visiting this amazing place. 

Juanita Britton, Anacostia (BZB) Art Gallery Owner
This wall painting is of BZB Boutique Owner.
   I tell you, the beauty of this place will not let you down. The bold colors & beautiful Art on display is a celebration within it's self. The astonishing places many of these artifacts have come from speaks of the history and livelihood of the people who created them.

   I will not give you a description of what any of these African Artifacts mean because I do very much encourage you to go check this place out for yourself.

Artifacts from all over the World.

I thought this dish set was beautiful!

I can identify with the woman on this plate.......Praise Him Girl! LOL

   I plan to go back to buy this painting. When I look at it, it speaks "Sisterhood". Not sure if "Sisterhood" is its meaning but that's what I see when I look at it. That's the beauty of Art, the eyes beholding the painting or craft, can gather their own analysis.

    The stairs leading up to the 2nd floor where there is a clothing shop as well as more artifacts & paintings for sale.

  Also when you visit this fascinating Art Gallery & Boutique, you cannot leave without touring the Ancestral Garden. It is dedicated to Kwame Nkrumah & all our Ancestor who lived before us. This Garden was beautifully done. 

   For more information on The Anacostia (BZB) Art Gallery & Boutique, visit the website or call (202) 610-4188. The Art Gallery/Boutique is open Wed-Sun. from 11am til 6pm. Don't forget to join the mailing list. There are Jazz festivals and other events that are hosted at the Art Gallery. You don't want to miss out on the fun & excitement!

 Share your thoughts. Have you ever visited the Anacostia Art Gallery & Boutique? What was your experience?

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