Be' Meets Baby O

   My Children & I had the most amazing evening with Nikki, writer of Intermittent Babbling & her charming daughter Baby O! 

   Nikki & I decided to meet up so I could style Baby O's beautiful, curly hair. I'm sorry, I do not have pictures of her hair at this time. Baby O was tired, & wasn't in the mood to take hair shots. Who could blame her! She waited patiently to play while getting her hair washed & styled. By the time I was done, she just wanted to get loose & play with the other children. I styled her hair in Flat Twist & Ponytails.

   Be' & O played really nicely together. They played with Elmo, with my costume jewelry, with Nikki's cell phone & even sprayed water on each other with a spray bottle I used to style hair. They had a good time with one another. Nikki is cool too. We talked about life, parenting & music. We have a lot in common. I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

   Special Thanks to Nikki & Baby O. It was a pleasure to finally meet you both. Nikki, I wish you tremendous success on your discovery & bond with Baby O's Natural Hair. I'll be seeing you soon. Peace & Blessings.

 For pictures of Baby O's hair, stay tuned to Nikki's blog, Intermittent Babbling. 

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