Tempie Satcher-Ducosin, Birthday Book Signing

Tempie Satcher-Ducosin & I at her Book Signing
of her first book "Don't Get Discouraged Be Encouraged"

   I would like to congratulate Tempie on her first book "Don't Get Discouraged Be Encouraged."  What a tremendous milestone for her to see! All of what she's ever gone through in life in book form. Tempie's book is an inspirational piece that encourage us to allow God to lead & order our steps according to his will.

   I wish Tempie great success in all her endeavors. I am very blessed to know such a person who has the drive to do great things. She recognizes that her success is not of her own doings, but all of her goodness & blessings are from the Lord. Tempie has no problem with letting the world know that she is who she is today because she has allowed the joy of the Lord to be her strength. 

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