Protective Style: Nubian Twist

   If you are a Natural who is looking for a protective style that gives the illusion of "All Natural", Nubian Twist are the way to go. 

   Nubian Twist is a flexible hairstyle. The fluffiness, as well as softness makes it easier to accomplish wearing the hair in Natural looking Hairstyles.  Here is a tutorial by The Trendy Socialite showing the many hairstyles that can be created while wearing Twist. Now, this tutorial is about Kinky Twist, but don't focus on that. Focus on the hairstyle & the flexibility of the Twist.

   This is the hair I used to accomplish this style. It was my first time using this brand of hair but it worked fine. I normally uses Gina Nubian Kinky by the Gina Collection or Nubian Silk by E'ON Natural.

   Below is a Nubian Twist tutorial by Youtuber AKIYIAKELLY. She has the best tutorial as it relates to Nubian Twist. . Also, here is a video I created 6 months ago on Nubian Twist I style in my own hair. 

Feel free to share your thoughts. What is your all time favorite protective style?

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