Gabe & Co. "Memorable" + GIVEAWAY!

   For weeks, I've had the pleasure communicating with a representative of Gabe & Co. "Memorable" about the nature of it's Greeting Card Company. I'm normally not impressed with greeting cards because they are all one in the same. A card, is a card, is a card. But, when I visited the website and read through all the cards, I found an anniversary card that spoke the very words of how I personally feel about my husband and I relationship. I was beyond impressed. I was charmed!

This is the card that speaks of my love for my hubby written
 by Gabe & Co, which reads...

 " We spend our lives looking for
 Something Better,
Something newer,
Something more beautiful.
How lucky I have been
To have found all that
In your eyes,
In your touch,
In your kiss,
And in your love.
Happy Anniversary"

   Gabe & Co. "Memorable", is a very unique kind of greeting card company. It's motto is "Maker of Visually, Interesting and Emotionally Relevant." After buying a greeting card from Hallmart or Paprus, Some people would have to add their own personal messages to the inside of those cards along side the message that was already there. I know, because I've done that before. But that's certainly not the case with Gabe & Co. "Memorable" Greeting Card Company. Gabe & Co. whole focus is to build long-lasting, lovable and intimate memories amongst family and close friends. There are cards available for all occasions. To understand what I am talking about, you should visit the website now!  


   Gabe & Co. "Memorable" Greeting Card Company would love to bless a follower of Chi Chi Sophistication with a  FREE card from it's website. The winner is able to pick any card of choice. There is only one winner. 

   For a chance to win, all you have to do is share this post via Facebook or Twitter (which ever network you choose) and post a positive "Shout Out" message on Gabe & Co. "Memorable" Facebook page. Don't forget to inform them that KeeKee sent you. I will pick the winner via from Gabe & Co. Facebook page on May 19, 2011. You have one week to enter for your chance to win. 

For more information on Gabe & Co. "Memorable"

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