I recently won a giveaway! Yes, I read other blogs and just like you,  I get overly excited about contest & giveaways. I won a beautiful make-up bag full of goodies from Shan on her Beauty Blog Gimme that! Here is what I won. 

The Beauty Bag came with:

*6 Nail Polishes from name brand companies such as L.A. Colors, Sally Hansen, Maybelline, & Milani.
*1 DuraColour Nail Strips.
*2 L.A. Colors 3 color eye shadows.
*2 L'Oreal eye shadow singles.
*1 L'Oreal lip stick.
*1 L.A. Colors lip stick.
*1 L'Oreal Paris HIP lip gloss.
*1 L'Oreal Paris Colurjuice lip gloss.
*1 Vanille Francaise Softlips lip balm
*1 Nail Clip.
*1 Premier Tweezers 
*1 Heart Felt Card (I LOVED IT!)

For more information on Shan, her blog & her Giveaways visit her blog at http://kulturedkhronicles.blogspot.com

P.S. Don't forget I have 2 Giveaways hosted here on Chi Chi Sophistication. Shan, Thank You SOOOOOO Much! Peace & Blessings.

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