Naturally Free!

My guard is down. Not feeling ashamed.
Not caring who's looking or who's calling my name...
Walking straight ahead, no turning back.
Not caring who likes me or who's stabbing my back.
Never been this high before.
Awaking? I've been shook up out of my sleep.
Awaken from my slumber...Awaken from defeat.
No more emotional highs and lows.
feeling sad, mad, depressed....You know how the story goes.
Not self-conscience about my weight, hair, or looks....
I don't mind taking photo's...I know how I look.
Two Strand Twist, Two Strand Twist.
Not mad cause my hair is short rocking my Two Strand Twist.
Not mad because I don't fit in.
Don't need a crowd.
I am content with being my own best friend.
Enjoying me, not new and improved. I've always been this way
I just hid it for years. Tried to fit society mold...society method.
Ha, you know how the story goes..
Conclusion? It just didn't work for me.
Enjoying me Naturally and FREE!

~Written by Keianna Johnson~
© 2011 Keianna Johnson All Rights Reserved.

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