2 in 1 Hairstyle: Double Strand Twist & Twist Out.

   Two Strand Twist & Double Strand Twist are one in the same. I just decided to use a different term today.

   I washed Be's hair with a Honey Shea Shampoo Bar. After washing,  I sprayed Calendulas/Green Tea (Hair Tea) & applied Pomade onto her hair. I allowed her hair to air dry. To obtain length, styling Double Strand Twist on dry hair is best. 100% Natural, no hair added. I allowed the Twist to stay in her hair for 1 week.

    I applied Herbal Infused Macadamia Oil to her hair before taking her twist out. I've only unraveled her twist once to prevent frizz. I styled her hair the same exact way she had worn it all week. I totally love 2 in 1 styles!

   Share your thoughts. What are some of your favorite 2 in 1 hairstyles? If you choose to imitate this particular hairstyle, share your photos. I would love to display them here for all to see. Take care. Peace & LOVE!

Reference: Bobeam Natural Hair Products (Honey Shea Shampoo Bar & Hair Tea)
ImaniJoi Naturals (Pomade & Herbal Infused Macadamia Oil)
Disclaimer: I purchased these products with my own money. All Natural Ingredients is a choice of mine to use on my daughter's hair. I am sure you will get the same results if you decide to imitate this style using the products of your choice.

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