ImaniJoi Naturals: Herbal Infused Macadamia Oil

       Jamesha Bazemore is the CEO of ImaniJoi Naturals. Many of you know that I've won this bottle of Herbal Infused Macadamia Oil at a Mommy & Me Natural Hair Event about a month ago. I am sad to say that it's almost gone!

At the end of the day, hair oil is hair oil, but what I like about this particular oil is the fact that it's made with all natural ingredients. (Macadamia Nut Oil, Calendula Flowers, Chamomile Flowers, Rosemary Leaf, Almond Extract & Vanilla Extract.

This is my son Twin B. No, he doesn't have Kinks & Curls sprouting out of his head like my daughter and I, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to take good care of his hair & scalp. After a fresh hair cut or hair wash, I've been applying ImaniJoi Naturals Herbal Infused Macadamia Oil to his head. This oil is not limited to the hair & scalp. I've been using it on all parts of the body. That's the blessing of using all natural ingredients, they can be used on all body parts.

     If you are planning to attend the 6th Annual D.C. Love Locs Natural Hair Expo on Saturday, April 16, 2011, the owner of ImaniJoi Naturals, Jamesha Bazemore with be in attendance. Not only will she be there to sale her products, but she'll be teaching a class on Natural Hair for the whole family. She will also have models in the Hair Show.

    I wouldn't miss this Expo for the World. I will have my cash in hand so I can stock up on ImaniJoi Naturals Herbal Infused Macadamia Oil. I like it just that much.

Feel Free to share your thoughts. What are some of your favorite all Natural Hair Oils?

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