The Wonders of Two Strand Twist.

A Hairstyle That Will Never Fail You...

   When all else fail me, my Two Strand Twist has never let me down. I wore my Two Strand Twist for 3 days. I am now wearing a Twist Out as a result of my 3 day Two Strand Twist.

   When I wear my Twist Out, I try to wear it in 3 different ways over a course of 3 days. The first day I normally wear my hair wild & free. On the second day, I would wear my hair in a pin-up. On the third day, I wear my hair in a Twist out Puff. I am now a huge fan of the Twist Out Puff. It is easy to sleep on and effortless to maintain. All I have to do is apply a little oil to my hair, fluff and go. Who wouldn't love a 3 for 3 Hairstyle?

 The top of my Twist Out Puff.
The right side of my puff. It is pulled up into a
high ponytail.
This is my Staple product for this look.
Bobeam Natural Hair Products by Laquita.
I am really done with looking for products.
This product supplies all my haircare needs.

My Mother-In-Law absolutely love Mini Two Strand Twist.
She likes her Twist because they last her longer than most styles.
On average, she would wear her Mini Two Strand Twist for
1 month.
Cream Of Nature is My Mother-In-Law's Staple product. She loves the way it smell
as well as how it makes her hair feel.
 If you are new to styling your own hair or is looking for an uncomplicated hairstyle, Two Strand Twist , you will find out will be your best friend in the whole world. Please Share. What is your Staple product to achieve your favorite Two Strand Twist/Twist Out Hairstyle?

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