Today's Hairstyle: Box Braids For Kids

A Sassy Extension Hairstyle for a Growing Preteen.

Chi Chi Sophistication Client.
Hello Everyone!

 I enjoy styling Boxed Braids, especially large to medium sized. When the braids are larger, it is very easy to take them out when the hairstyle becomes old.

I added a large braid & a flower to the back of her Boxed Braids just to keep this style age appropriate.   These Boxed Braids makes this beautiful young lady look sophisticated. Parent and child were both pleased with this hairstyle hair. I'm glad they both walked away happy. Chi Chi Sophistication, Specializing in Natural Hair Care & Braiding for Children. Planting seeds of self-love and acceptance while providing the hair with proper care.

Share your thoughts. What do you like about this hairstyle?

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