Welcome To The Family Bre! My 1-year-old Daughter Natural Hair Introduction.

 First Post Beginning Her Natural Hair Care Archive.

 3 of My Babies:  Be', Baby Bre & Rave.

 Bre was first introduced to the world via Facebook in September 2012; However, this is her first appearance on Chi Chi Sophistication Kids. She is my youngest and 5th child. YES! MY 5TH CHILD! lol She is my second daughter. I am grateful God blessed my family with Bre. She has been the extra joy my family needed this past year.

Baby Bre & Be' wearing the headband & flower comb hair accessories I made for them this past summer.

Bre will be joining my daughter Be', my son Rave, & I on this phenomenal natural hair journey. When her big sister Be' was a baby, I didn't know anything about natural hair care. I learned over time. Things will be much different for Bre. I am wiser & confident in caring for natural hair. As you can see in the photos above, Bre doesn't have much hair. It is going to be awesome learning about her hair & watching it grow.

Moms who have more than one daughter: What natural hair care tips did you learn over time that you didn't know when your first daughter began her journey? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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