Mommy Confession Series: Natural Hair for Children. "MY TWINS CUT OFF THEIR HAIR!"

 A Mom's Story: When Life Gave Her Lemons, She Made Lemonade.

 I was given permission to make these pictures public by my young clients mom.
On May 9, 2013, I received an email message from one of my devoted clients. Let's call her Mrs. Mom B. Her message read: 

"Hi Miss Keianna!

I hope you and the family are doing well.

I am writing you today with sad/bad news. You might not be seeing us for awhile, because on Tuesday night...the twins CUT THEIR HAIR. They essentially look like they had a bad case of ringworm. They didn't simply cut length...they cut all the way down to the scalp. (See attached picture for an example. Please don't post it....too embarrassing.) And it's in patches all over the top of their head (oddly enough, they didn't really mess with the back of their hair.) They did all this while we were in church for choir rehearsal. They were in one of the Sabbath School rooms (for kids), which is attached to the room we rehearse in. Apparently, they found some safety scissors and went to town. 

Anyway, because of the size of the "bald spots", and because of the "patchy" way in which they cut their hair, I can't use braids or anything like that to hide what they did. So....I'll be forced to cut it off.

It's funny...cause I was planning to write you to take advantage of the Mojo Monday special....and then THIS happened...smh/lol

Anyway, since you're their "official" stylist (hehe)...I thought you should know. Plus, since we won't be  there for awhile. I definitely don't want you to think that we aren't your clients anymore. We WILL be returning...once some hair grows back.

Mrs. Mom B"

 Mrs. Mom B has since given me permission to share her story as well as photos of her daughters hair here on Chi Chi Sophistication Kids Blog.

Photo of the twins hair before they cut their hair off.

 I have to be honest. When I saw the pictures of the girls hair cut off for the first time, I wanted to cry. I thought about the girls going back to school after this incident & how mean children can be sometimes. But I remembered the story Jamesha shared on Natural Hair Care for Children Facebook Fan Page. I shared that same story with Mrs. Mom B. After much back & forth dialog between the two of us via email, we both came away from the conversation uplifted & encouraged.

Days later Mrs. Mom B sent me a message. "OMG!" I said to myself. It was pictures of the girls new hairstyles. THEY LOOK GREAT! I was so proud of Mrs. Mom B. She made the choice to turn a bad situation around for the good. She recognized that hair can grow will grow back. She didn't scold the girls for making a mistake. She didn't allow herself to be ashamed of her daughters. She took her daughters to the barbershop & gave them the funkiest, most trendiest hairstyle ever. A Mohawk. Mrs. Mom B & her girls came away from this situation smiling from ear to ear. Mom turned Lemons into Lemonade.

Photo of the twins hair after getting their hair cut at the barber shop. They look GOOD! Little Fashionistas.

What would your reaction be if your daughter cut off her hair? Share your thoughts.

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