September 11: 12-years Later. Remembering 3 D.C. Public School Students.

Remembering Bernard Brown, Asia Cottom, & Rodney Dickens.

Bernard Brown, Asia Cottom & Rodney Dickens were 11-year-old 6 grade students who attended D.C. Public Schools. All 3 children were on American Airlines Flight 77 heading to Channel Island Santa Barbara CA to attend a field trip to National Geographic Society Ecology Conference when it was hijacked by 5 al-Qaeda terrorist who crashed the plane into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

 I was personally touched by the stories told by the families and news coverage of these 3 children back in 2001. Bernard & Rodney lived and attended school in Southeast Washington D.C. An area where I was living during that time period. This tragedy was extremely close to home. Seeing pictures of their sweet little faces on the news really broke my heart. I couldn't help but to think of how their lives were just beginning when 5 cowards boarded the same airplane and changed lives forever.

12 years later, September 11, 2013 these children would have been 23-years-old.  Today I want to honor Bernard Brown, Asia Cottom & Rodney Dickens. I want to celebrate their childhood, the love they had for their families and the love they had for education. May the peace of God be with the families represented through the eyes of these 3 little children, every victim who died on September 11 as well as families affected by this tragedy all over the world.

Bernard Curtis Brown was an 11-years-old, student at Leckie Elementary School in Southeast Washington D.C. He loved school & was a huge basketball fan, preferably Michael Jordan. Bernard has a Space Camp Scholarship in his honor. Visit the website Military Child Education Coalition.

Asia SiVon Cottom was an 11-years-old, new student at Backus Middle School in Northeast Washington D.C.. The same school where her father worked as an basketball coach aide and beyond. Asia loved Tweety Bird and enjoyed playing with Barbie Dolls. Asia has a scholarship in her honor Asia Cottom.

Rodney Dickens was an 11-years-old student at Ketcham Elementary School in Southeast Washington DC. Rodney enjoy his family, playing with his siblings and he love wrestling. (Note: I was unsuccessful at finding a charity, foundation or scholarship in honor of Rodney Dickens. If you find anything honoring his legacy, please leave a message in the comment section so I can share it.)

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 Bernard Curtis Brown: 

Asia SiVon Cottom:

Rodnet Dickens:

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