Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, 50th Anniversary March On Washington.

Because He Cared, I Am Able To Be Hopeful.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a man I have learned about all my life. I've observed his infamous "I Have A Dream" speech since I was in grade school. He has without doubt touched my life in a delightful way.  Dr. King was the motivation behind why I took a class in African American Studies when I was in college. He is one of my favorite civil rights leaders. Because of his dream, I am able to dream. I am able to do my best at whatever I set my mind to accomplish. I am able today to be proud of my heritage in spite of the negative views relating to African Americans today. I am very grateful for the changes that has come & am hopeful for more changes to come to pass.

I really wish Dr. King was alive today to see the fantastic impact he has made on the world. It is a shame to have pored your whole heart/soul into a cause & not see the benefits of the seeds you have sown. May freedom continue to ring. Happy 50th Anniversary on the March On Washington Dr. Martin Luther King.

What impact Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speech has had on your life? or in one word, how would you describe Dr. Kings Character to your child? feel free to share your thoughts.

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