When Styling HAIR for Multiple Children.

Natural Hair Care for Children....A Parents Guide to Sanity!

   Now that I am a mom, I often wonder how my mother had the energy to style 3 daughter's hair in one day. I couldn't imagine. It is often a challenge styling my daughter's hair these days because she no longer care for getting her hair styled like she used too. One daughter is truly enough for me. lol

   When styling hair of multiple children, there are a few key pointers that should be kept in mind when caring for Natural Hair. Hair Care is far more important than hair style 100% of the time. The hairstyle doesn't have to be perfect for a mom or dad to maintain healthy hair for their child. It's the kind of products that are applied to the hair that matter's the most. Natural Hair needs natural products to thrive and grow! Do research on what is beneficial to promoting healthy natural hair. There is also the option of following Jamesha Bazemore Blog on how to create your own Natural Hair Products at home.

    I have seen children with the best hairstyles on their heads but their hair is pulled too tight around their faces. Hair looks nice on the outside, but the scalp is bursting and folded due to tight cornrows or twist....cute hairstyle, but years of Traction Allapicia is in the near future for that child. Count the cost. Is it really worth it?

   For parents of multiple children, I would recommend Protective Styling. Protective Styling are hairstyles that last 1-2 weeks at a time. This practice ensure long lasting hairstyle while preventing hair damage and promoting hair growth with less manipulation and tension on the hair. Parents are able to have breaks in between hair styles. Protective Styling also give parents enough time to mentally prepare for the next hair style which will help train the hair and create a lasting hair care bond between parent and child. Pack your patients. Your sanity is very important!

   Below are a few easy Protective Style ideas you can try at home on your child's hair. Both children in the photos below hair is styled in Flat Twist. Feel free to share your thoughts. Oh,  feel free to join and post your hair styling progress on Our Natural Kids Website. An online resource Promoting Natural Hair Health, Style, and Maintenance for Kids.  I am also sharing a "How to Flat Twist" video link from one of my FAVORITE Youtuber's GirlsLoveYourCurls. She is the absolute BEST! http://youtu.be/K8b6IES0epw  Enjoy.

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