Kids Hairstyle: Cornrows & Spring Twist

Natural Hairstyle for Preteens

   Preteens, children ages 10-12, are at an age where they are experiencing new found independence. They are beginning to do a little more for themselves, which also includes styling and taking down their own hair. This cute Cornrows & Spring Twist style was inspired by this young lady who is 12 years old. She mentioned that she wanted a hairstyle that showed off her length, and would be easy for her to take down herself.

I decided to braid her hair in large Cornrows and Twist to one side. I will give you all her honest feed back when it come time for her to take her hair down.

   Thanks so much for visiting Chi Chi Sophistication. Specializing in Natural Hair Care and Braiding for Children. Planting seeds of self-love and acceptance while providing the hair with proper care. As Always, Share your thoughts. What are some of your favorite Natural Preteen hairstyles?

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