What I see when I look into the mirror.
Good Morning Everyone!

   I would first like to thank you all for being faithful readers. When I first began this blog, it was purely from a place of sharing my personal interest and new discoveries from day to day. I loved the fact that I was creating something that had no one else input. Solely from my heart....from deep within me.

   I enjoy sharing little snip-its of my family, my passion and my growth as a person. I enjoy sharing my social interactions with the public and giving back to my community. I enjoy the many faces of who I am. My strengths as well as discovering/confronting my weaknesses. I am human, and will make mistakes from time to time just like the rest of humanity. I have never been more in-touch with myself as I have been over the past few months. There is nothing more real than being true to ones self. I finally got it and will began to walk in it.

   I say all of this to say, I have come to the realization that I need to get back to my first love which is sharing my creativity, purity and authenticity as a blogger.  I am preparing to clean up a few things on my blog so it can become engrossed in my fullest expression. Get back to the place were follow-ship, comments, and hits were a non factor but to write because I've always loved to write. I want to tap into the fire of why I decided to come here in the first place, so I can continue to standout and be free to share as I so desire. Standout to celebrate myself and all the many things I have swirling around in my head.

   This post will be my last post this week. I will return next week on Oct. 10, 2011 with a post of my personal experience while attending the Valley Place Transitional Home "Pamper Me Day". On Friday, October 14, 2011, I will recap on my experience while attending The S.E.L.F. Image Awards. There will be a few major changes but they are all necessary for me to get back to the reason why I fell in love with Blogging. To Create...and share. Create....and share my soul. ;-)

   I love you all seriously from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for being loyal and understanding. Thanks for sharing in all of my joys & sorrows. Thanks for encouraging me to do and be better. Have an AWESOME day. Take care...SEE YOU IN A WEEK!

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