The Natural Girl's Next Door, DMV Natural's Meet-Up

    Hello Everyone! It has really been a whole week in a half since I wrote a post...Everything has been moving extremely fast & it has been really hard for me to catch up. Plus, I've been having feelings of me neglecting my fabulous hubby & kids....I've needed to calm down and spend some extra quality time with them. However, I am back & am ready to write as well as share with all of you what's been going on in the world of KeeKee.

Hostesses of this event

Au Naturale By MzSixx & KeeKeeAllNatural

   I decided to have this Meet-Up because, many of my Facebook friends are readers of Chi Chi Sophistication. They had been asking me to have a Meet-Up for months. I've attended two Meet-Up's and wasn't sure if I was ready to have one of my own. I did, however, stepped out on faith & began the planning process. The min. I informed my Facebook friends of me planning a possible Natural Hair Meet-Up, MzSixx ask to collaborate with me. Honestly, that was one of the best decisions I've made. Two heads are always better than one. Once we began to chat & brainstorm, everything came together perfectly.

Meet-Up Guest...We are having a good time!

   Everyone who attended were happy & excited which created the perfect atmosphere. We chatted about our natural hair journeys and ate dinner together. The conversations were great. None of our guest were shy. We all chatted & talked as if we've known each other for years. We wanted to discuss Natural Hair tips with our guest but one of our Tweens got sick. From then on, MzSixx & I decided to speed up the process so that everyone could participate in our Giveaways. Over all, the feedback was very positive.

Tween Naturals.

Me & my sister Jamesha Bazemore, 

CEO of Imani Joi Naturals & Salon Owner of Ebony's Braidery & Beads.

Tempie Satcher, the Queen of Expo's 

DC LOVE LOC & Nappy-Oke,'

As well as CEO of  ASAZE Natural Hair Salon.

   One of the greatest blessings of this Meet-Up was the support we had from our sponsors & pro's in this industry. When Laquita, Tempie, Jamesha, & Shanti Walker, all showed up to support us, I was happy beyond words. This circle of new found friends have been a wonderful blessing to me this year. Can you believe that I met all of them online in Oct. 2010? I've met MzSixx online & we talk on the phone almost everyday. I really love them all & can honestly call these ladies my sisters & Shanti, my brother. ;-)

My sister Laquita, CEO of Bobeam Natural Hair Products, 

writer of All Naptural, DC Examiner & 6 other publications.

   Here is a short video created by MzSixx...Share your thoughts & thank you so much for reading my post. Peace & Blessings.

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