The Art of Accessories

 Hello Everyone! Wearing accessories is an Art. They can make the oldest, most hideous hairstyle look new & improved. 

   Be's is still rocking those Cornrows & Twist from the Bantu Knot Combo. I know, I know....I am dead wrong for keeping her hair in this style for this long, but my sister is getting married in a week & I do not want to style her hair until then. I have however, been washing, conditioning & moisturizing her hair regularly. I've just been oh so llllaaaazzzzzzyyyyy. Thank God for Accessories! Be's hair is still getting compliments.

 This Butterfly Hair Clip turned these old Cornrows into a cute acceptable style.

 Mirror Mirror on the walk, who is the cutest Princess of all?

 Braid Out!

 Be's & Elmo times 2.

 Now, I wouldn't let Be' wear this out in the public, but there's nothing wrong with having a little FUN!


 I love accessories in my hair too! 

Share your thoughts. Has Hair Accessories saved you from a bad hair day?

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