Natural Hairstyles for Kids: Ghana Plaits

   Now that I am feeling all refreshed & encouraged lol.....My Baby Be' is back at being the best guinea pig ever! I styled her hair in Ghana Plaits. I got the idea to style her hair in Ghana Plaits from Nadine, Youtube Goddess of GirlsLoveYourCurls. Click here to watch her video on how to style Ghana Plaits.

   In the D.C., Maryland & Virginia area, we call Ghana Plaits African Twist. If you have ever seen  Ghana Plaits/African Twist, you saw very large Twist often styled using hair extensions.

   This is my very first try styling Ghana Plaits on Natural Hair. I need more practice so I can get this style down to a science, however, I still think Be's hair turned out really nice.

Share your thoughts. Have you ever styled your child's hair in Ghana Plaits? What about this style do you like the most?

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