KeeKee's Monthly Message : June 2011

   June is the official month of summer. Beautiful flowers, warmer weather & school is out! What better month to celebrate all the accomplishments of children than in June? They have worked & studied hard all year long. Tried their very best to A+ the test. Becoming trend setters with all the cute hairstyles they've been wearing all school year. The joys & blessings of making it safely through another school year. I choose this month to honor children. This months theme is: 
The Ultimate Appreciation Extravaganza (Kids Edition)!

   This month will be filled with giveaways,.....(SIDEBAR!) Oh, I have a bone to pick with you guys because none of you entered any of the giveaways that were hosted for the month of May. Shame, shame, shame!....LOL....I still love yall ;-)  "Steal Her Look"  Kids Summer Hairstyles, poems written by children, Art, fun family outings as well as a video montage of children discussing positive self-esteem/peer-pressure. Trust me, you do not want to miss out on the excitement! 

   I also want to personally honor your little ones here on Chi Chi Sophistication. Summit your child's photo & a short 3 line message of how he/she has made you proud this school year. Send all photo's & messages to chichiblog@comcast.netDon't forget to follow me on Facebook &Twitter. Consider being a Guest Blogger & keep your eyes on the Local Events Tab on this page.

   As always, thank you so much for your love & support. Continue sharing your thoughts. I'll be chatting with you soon. Have a great day. Peace & BLESSINGS!

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