"Steal Her Look" #1: Classic Donut Hairstyle

   The "Steal Her Look" Series should be really fun. Each hairstyle was carefully picked so you will not have to spend hours searching or styling a particular hairdo when you can snap, crackle & pop it into shape in minutes. Protective Styles are not the only thing poppin this summer & not everyone enjoys wearing protective styles. 

   The Donut is a Classic. Almost everyone knows how to create this style, but for those of you who have absolutely no clue as to how it is put together step by step, here's an easy demonstration of how it's done.

Cut up a pair of old leggings (or socks) so 
that there's a hole evenly on both sides.

You will need a few Elastic-band hair accessories. 
 First: Use the Elastic-band to create a Ponytail. 

 Second: Roll up the Legging into a Donut shape. 
 Third: Add the Donut shape to the Ponytail. 
Forth: Spread the hair evenly over the Donut shaped Legging. 
 Last: Add one more Elastic-band to secure the Donut in place. 
Here's what it should look like..... 

I added Cornrows & a Braid just to give this Classic style a 
little more excitement. I think it turned out perfectly!

The Back.

The Top.

My baby is absolutely adorable! 
Share your thoughts on the Classic Donut. Is this style worth stealing?   

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