Sisterlocks: Words of Wisdom by Ms. Marci Walker

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Ms. Marci Walker,

    "Sisterlocks.....If you are new to sisterlocks, I would caution you to make sure that the consultant has been trained by the Sisterlocks Organization. The locks need pampering in the beginning of their development and should not be twisted in leu of retightening....moisture is essential to healthy locks of any kind. Sisterlocks may be shampooed right away. You must, however, separate each lock and stretch it out to avoid bunching. If anyone tells you that you can't shampoo Sisterlocks, they haven't been trained properly. WATCH OUT!

    Hair color, while very interesting and sometimes quite lovely, can be highly caustic to the locks. The chemicals in the hair color, especially blonds, can make the lock brittle and cause breakage. If you choose to color, opt for vegetable colors or stains and remember to hydrate your locks.

  Reading is fundamental. Read what is in the product that you choose to use!"

 Up Coming Events

To my Beautiful Sista's, we will be hosting
"Pearls of Wisdom"

 Workshop and Panel discussion, food, fun, Q&A, Pearls Hair Fashion Show, massages, barbering and product give aways.  Tickets are $15.00 . Place is MWB, 4015 21st Place, Temple HIlls on Sunday, May 1, 2011....from 6PM - 9PM

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