Dear Diary: Preparing For The 6th Annual DC LOVE LOC'S Natural Hair Expo

      First of all, I am like seriously over joyed at the fact that I am going to be apart of this years 6th Annual DC LOVE LOC'S Natural Hair Expo. If you would have asked me last year around this time "What is DC LOVE LOC'S?" or "Who is Mrs.Tempie Satcher?" I would not have been able to give you an answer to either question. So to be apart of her team, her committee is unreal to me. God has truly blessed me. I am very grateful and thankful for the opportunities that has come my way through the mere fact of knowing Mrs. Tempie. My success in blogging and anything that has my name attached to it has benefited from her success. I am beyond honored. I am ecstatic!

      At The 6th Annual DC LOVE LOC'S Natural Hair Expo, I am the Coordinator of KeeKee's Kids Korner. I am a licensed Caregiver and have been in the business of Early Childhood Education for years. I received my license in Early Childhood Development in April 2006 but I've been working with children sense Feb. 2001. It was at Rehoboth Baptist Church Child Development Center located in Washington D.C. where I received the BEST training in Childcare under the leadership of Mrs. Shirley Evan-Cooley, Shannon Cooley & my mentor Ms. Angela.

KeeKee's Kids Korner:

There will be many activities for the children to enjoy at this event. Of course, there will be age appropriated games, & prizes for each child to participate in. There will be a segment called "Story Telling" in which a story will be read to the children related to Natural Hair. This will give the children the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings as it relates to their own hair. Each child will receive a FREE gift bag full of toys & treats for them to enjoy. They will all learn a song that will be sung at the end of the expo. I can not wait to share in this celebration with the children. I guarantee you that each child will leave this event with a smile on their face.

Rules & Guidelines for KeeKee's Kids Korner:

~To ensure the safety of each child, all children under the age of 5 must be accompany by an responsible person ages 14 and older.

~All children must be signed in and picked up by the same adult who signed them in. You must show ID for verification purposes. There will be name tags provided for each child attending KeeKee's Kids Korner.

~Violence or profanity under any circumstances will NOT be allowed. If violent behavior is displayed, the parent will be notified and will have to come pick up their child promptly.

~Under any circumstance should a child/children be left in the Kids Korner for more than 30 to 45 min. There are only be 3 segments of KeeKee's Kids Korner. I hope to see you there.

      Also, I will have the pleasure to partake in the children's hairshow called Sweet Petites with the Queen of Natural Haircare for Children, Mrs. Jamesha Bazemore. Jamesha and I will both have kiddie models showing off their latest hairstyles in this show. I am so excited about this wonderful event. I am literally on Cloud Nine!

      I can not end this post without honoring all the member who are currently serving on Mrs. Tempie Satcher 6th Annual DC LOVE LOC'S Natural Hair Expo Advisory Board: Ber Hodges, Bruce Odams, Wyomme Pariss, Angie Lewis, Denice Archer, Shaun Jai, John Quest Dew, Donna Johnson Brown, Koya M. Staten-Bakare, Laquita Thomas-Banks, Aaron Johnson, Jamesha Bazemore, & Ansylla MyHairitage.

      I am forever loyal and grateful to Mrs. Tempie for allowing me this wonderful opportunity to be apart of her Advisory Board amongst these gifted, talented & professional people. For Mrs. Tempie to allow a newbie such as myself to partake in the fruits of her labor, to nurture me & call me FAMILY....It's beyond words. I tilt my hat to Mrs. Tempie. She is truly a Blessing sent from God.

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