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Hello Everyone,

Happy Monday! I hope you all have had a wonderful & Happy Easter. My holiday was cool. I had the chance to chill and relax with my family and eat some delicious food cooked by my mother-in-love. Today will be a continuation of my holiday. My husband and I are taking the kids to an Easter Egg Roll & then off to the Zoo. The temperature will be 85 degrees today.....Lord I hope we do not pass out!

 Anyway, enough of me....

Meet our Sponsors. These business owners have, in more ways than one, contributed to the success of Chi Chi Sophistication. These women have taken the time out of their busy schedule's to help, educate, as well as allowed me to collaborate with them on many different projects. They have not only embraced me as a person, but they have supported this site through sharing, mentoring and encouraging others to do the same. Chi Chi Sophistication will proudly support these businesses/sites in all of their achievements. I promise to keep you informed of their upcoming projects. Feel Free to check out their web-sites, join their mailing list and support their businesses.
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