Hair Snobbery 2: Revenge of the Weave People

      I was listening to the radio the other day and they were playing Nicki Minaj's 'Did it on 'em'. So towards the end of the song, she spits a verse, "these nappy-headed hoes need a permanator". Really, I just want to say, thanks for the shoutout Nicki, but I still refuse to buy your pop-crap album. She reflects this attitude by some in the community that weaves, and other fakery are the best standard of beauty. Don't get me wrong. I love wigs and weaves and am wearing a wig as we speak. I am all about celebrating beauty in all shapes in forms, as I have noted in my other blog posts. But let's keep it real, ain't nothing like the real thing. There's nothing like the wind blowing thru that fro and not worrying about getting a touch up that burns every 6 - 8 weeks, or having that line of glue around your forehead from your lace front, or popping yourself upside the head to keep your scalp from itching under that full set. 

     When I see or hear sistas, go in on other sistas about their hair and why they don't just get it 'done', I have to wonder if we have been conditioned to believe having natural hair is ugly. Or militant. Or that you're trying to make a statement. Will men accept a natural sista in the same way he would a sista with a weave? That deals with preference. For example, I prefer dating black guys, but wouldn't mind giving a white guy some play. See what I mean?  Besides, guys I know want a chick that's fancy, huh. Hair done, nails done, everything did.  She gotta be killin' em, regardless of how she wear her hair. 

     The weave people want you to believe that the acceptable standard of beauty lies in a $300 Lace Front, some acrylics, and false lashes. Because they believe that's what guys want. Because that's what pop culture projects as the standard. And the sheeple shall follow. When was the last time you seen a chick with a twist out in a hip hop video? Or a sista with an afro starring in a big budget Hollywood movie?  It's because naturals are not quite mainstream yet and still seen as a lower standard of beauty. It's not seen as the All-American look. And who can blame them. If some in our community have not embraced the idea of natural hair being on par with standard American beauty, then that's our fault. And yet, there are those that have the nerve to down you because you happen to embrace natural beauty. I call them the weavies. They give me the heebie jeebies. 

 Guest Blogger Bio: I live in Baltimore MD(but a DC native) with my husband and our daughter Cori. I am a veteran of the US Army, but now I am out and run my own company, Green Afro Diva. Also am working on my BS in Business Administration from UMUC and will later work towards an MBA with a focus on either Management or Environmental Studies.  So what do I love? My family of course even when they drive me crazy. Food. Sleep. And plenty of it. Oh, and making stuf. What I like? Anything beautiful. Comedies. Positive people. Hip Hop. What I will tolerate? A messy room. Bad breath(to a point). Lil’ Wayne. Anything on BET. Haters. What I hate?  Potty Training. Conservatives(ok maybe I tolerate them).Wacka Flocka WTF??? Ignorance.

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