MY WEDDING VIDEO! (Partial Video)

Hello Everyone!

     When I created Chi Chi Sophistication,  my desire was to allow my real personality to shine threw every post I write and every video I record. I believe, in order to get to know a person, we must know where they come from. We must take the time out to get to know the stories of others. Every person has a story. Here is a small part of my story.

     I honor & value the unity my husband & I have with one another. Our foundation as husband & wife not only affect us as a couple but also the lives of our children. When I nourish, honor & respect my husband, I believe I am doing the same in-return towards our children. They are able to see first hand the love a wife should have towards the man she agreed to spend the rest of her life with. When my husband does the same for me,  he's also doing the same for our children.

     We all go through tough times in our lives where we feel our circumstances with our spouse, isn't worth entertaining, keeping, or honoring. We may feel like our needs are not being met. We may have gone through a ruff patch in our relationships where we may have been betrayed, or we may think the grass is greener on the other side because our spouse isn't living up to our expectations....I am here to tell you...NOT SO! When the going gets though, & it will get though from time to time, go back & remember what made you fall in love with your spouse in the first place. Watch your wedding video or look at pictures of your wedding day. It does the trick for me every time. Put your best foot forward. Always Love your spouse.

 Please feel free to share your thoughts...I really hope you like it. Enjoy. Peace & Love.

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