Bath&Body Works Sale!

Coupon: Bath&Body Works from Jan. 17- Feb. 27, 2011

I love a good sale. Bath&Body Works is having a big sale on all signature items. I went shopping there a few days ago. The majority of the items were between 20%-50% off.  I do encourage you "Smell Good Lovers" to go take advantage of this huge sale. With Valentines Day slowly approaching, I am sure your hearts would be crushed if your favorite fragrances were out of stock.
I really like Cherry Blossom. The scent is so fresh & light that I allow
my 2 year daughter to wear it sometimes. Original price for
Body Butters are $15.50. I only paid $7.50 each.
When I purchased "P.S. I Love You", I was experimenting.
I like this scent but, it is my least favorite between the three
 Body Butters. It smells good. It's just a little too bold for me.
I love love love the smell of this! It's my Favorite!
 I was hoping for Plum Colored Lips when I made my purchase.
This Lip Gloss smells good & taste good. Although it gave
 my lips a nude color, It was still worth the buy.
Original price for Lip Gloss is $5.50, I paid $2.50 each.
This Lip Gloss is YUCK! I wish I was able to do a smell
check before I purchased this. It is thick & smell like
Black Jelly Beans... This is so not my kind of smell or taste.
I had to give this Lip Gloss to my 2 year old daughter,
who loves it by the way. lol

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