Mohawk: Corn Rows & Nubian Twist

Hello Guys & Gals,

I am back again with another Mohawk Tutorial. As you all know, Mohawks have been the must have style in the Caucasian Rock Star Community for years. I honestly tried to conduct research on the Corn Row Mohawk to give you guys a little history behind the Mohawk in the African American Community, but I have found no recored on this subject matter at all. I must add though, I love to see a creative, well put together Corn Row Mohawk. We wear them well. ~SMILE~

This Particular Mohawk is very different from any Mohawk I have done in the Past. I am sure you have seen me post pictures of Flat Twist Mohawks/Hair Weave Styles for adults and or a Half Corn Row Mohawk style for a child. 

I used Nubian Kinky Hair from the Gina Collection to style this Mohawk. The same exact hair I would use to style My Nubian Twist.

I Corn Rowed the roots of her hair & Two Strand Twist the ends. This Mohawk is very easy to style & maintain. It took about 3 hours to complete. The Corn Row Mohawk can last up to 1 month.

Feel Free to leave your comments & tell me what you think.

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