Mini Me Fashionista...

Hello Mothers!....Fashion doesn't stop here with us, we pass our fashion sense down to our "Mini Me's" aka our daughters..My daughter is the only girl in our family & It amazes me how accurate she is when it comes to matching her clothes. Brooke love to wear skirts, dresses & accessories. To sum it up, my daughter enjoys looking FLY! My baby is only 2 years old. LOL, Could she be a Fashionista in the making? We'll just have to wait & see.

To keep my daughter up on the latest trends, I go online & look in magazines for up-to-date fashions for kids & I imitate the looks I see the hottest Celebrity kids wearing. You all know I am a bargain shopper. There is no need for me to fake like I'm a Baller when I know that I'm not. I make sure she has the look without breaking my Penny Bank. lol

The video below, is a sample of how I hunt for the latest Kid Fashions for my daughter. Enjoy.

Outfit is From Children's Place & Boots are from Forman Mills.
Top & Leggings are from Old Navy.
Skirt is from the Thrift Store.
Boots are from Forman Mills.
Dress & Tights are from Old Navy.
Shoes are from Payless Shoe Store.
Outfit From Old Navy & Boots, Forman Mills.
Vest is from Children's Place

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