Change is Necessary For A More Productive Life.

Have you ever wanted to make a change in your life but it seemed impossible? Not being able to trust yourself doesn't help the situation. Oh, & you can't forget the people who know you to be the way you are. Wondering about what they are thinking isn't a bed of roses either...I know this situation all to well, BUT IT'S A NEW DAY! A new season in which I must walk alone.

 I Almost cried listing to this song this morning. I have decided sometime ago to drop everything & walk with God. I am aware that many will not understand  why they can not come on this journey with me. This journey of true freedom is a journey I can only walk out with God. There is no time for meaningless conversations, phone calls, meaningless relationships etc. Where I am going, I have to do what the Bible says, "Come Out From Among Them".....I come out from among the folly of this world with my hands up & I'm not looking back.

As I reflect on the past few months....or even the past year. I wonder to myself what lessons have I learned? What have the Lord done for me? What trials have I gone through? Were these situations really trials or were they a direct result of my own bad habits/thinking? Why did I allow certain people around me knowing they meant me no good. While I reflect, I realize that reflection is good.

Examining self is a powerful tool God gives us to alert our inner man that something has to be changed. A Conversion began to take  place as a result of me examining myself.

 Is letting go hard?  Of course it is, but I am anticipating what the next chapter is going to be about. I am excited about moving forward. God is so Good. I am a Proverbs 31 Woman. Where much is given, much is required. These statements have nothing to do with the "Church", for I AM THE CHURCH!, It's about my personal relationship with God. To know him, is to love him. To love him, is to obey him. I am not looking back.

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